Matthias Süßen was born in a small, isolated village in the Frisian moors exactly at the same day like Matthias Sdun. He grew up with legends and traditional stories of his Frisian and Gipsy ancestors. They told him about witchcraft, the darker side of „magic“ and how he can defend himself against it. Matthias imbibed East Frisian history with his mother’s milk. He knows a lot about the East Frisian chieftains, the great battles of the past and tragic stories of common people. He heard about men who went to the wadden sea, vanished in the mist never to be seen again and people who have disappeared in the swamps seduced by a will-o’-the-wisp. Therefore he is the navigator of the Lostfriesland-Crew. The guy, who knows secret, but dangerous ways through marshes, bogs and the tidelands.